Automatic Circuit Recloser

Our Recloser is designed for for overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation application for voltage classes of 17/27/38 kV. It supplied with the microprocessor base ACR controller that providing all required functions for power distribution companies as well as individual users.


High Reliability of property
High Quality
Modular design
Easy Installation
Maintenance free
Compact design
Stability for mechanical operation special design
High quality Epoxy for Vacuum type and Special Insulation type SF6 for SF6 type
All required functions include
Smart and intelligent Controller


High reliable SF6 gas insulated automatic circuit Recloser with independent technology in Korea with specially reducing number of parts by using magnetic actuator , using special mechanical design for reducing weight (Light weight )


Eco environmentally friendly Polymer automatic circuit recloser completely oil free and gas free. the mechanism is enclosed in a powder coated stainless steel epoxy resin bushing The Hydrophobic high quality epoxy are permanent flexibility, superior surface arc tracking resistance, hydrophobic preventing continuous track from forming leakage current paths, ultraviolet resistance and high tensile strength.

FRTU Controller

Control cubicle is heat insulated to minimize temperature variation and protected controller from solar heating as adopting sunshine cover to the outside and heat insulation inside of control cubicle. Vents of the control cubicle are screened against vermin’s entry and door is sealed with a gasket.

Our microprocessor controller are fully protected from entry of moisture and condensation able to use any places where tropical, moderate and severe humidity area is located on.All the measured values and event records are stored in the microprocessor control for Sending data to SCADA system or off-line checking maintenance and analysis. All telemetry communication can be supported with DNP3.0, MODBUS, IEC60870-5-101/104 communication protocols

Sensitive sensors provide to incorporate the functions of an over-current protection relay, a ground fault relay, a sensitive earth fault relay and to measure line current, voltage amount, real and reactive power, power factor, demand watts and VARs, frequency and so on.

Recloser mechanical parts are drastically reduced, resulting from high reliability and maintenance free operation during the life time. We use low-voltage power source supplying from low voltage distribution line by Solar Panel or PT and a fully charged battery and trip and close capacitors provide Recloser operation over hundreds of open-close operations as back-up upon loss of control Power. This allows Recloser operation independent of the high voltage supply, the low voltage supply and the battery and capacitor conditions with dead line operation capability required for SCADA and distribution Automation.

We can Supply recloser Up to 41kV , 800A, with Short Circuit withstand up to 26kA , Mechanical Endurance 30,000 times and Vacuum Interrupting.

Applied standards will be IEC 62271- – 111, ANSI C37.60

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