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Load Break Switch

SF6 gas insulated load break switch (LBS) for overhead lines operating at a voltage up to 38kV. It meets the demand for oil-less and maintenance free operation with SF6 gas, related parts and devices installed inside its hermetically sealed stainless steel tank. It can be manually operated or motorized.

Since the electric conduction part in it is completely sealed, and it has excellent insulated electric lines, the switch is easy to function as well as is free from accidents resulting from the contact with salt, air pollution, and strange materials. In case of abnormal rise of interior pressure of the switch, it is equipped with pressure-proof equipment which can prevent the vessel from being destroyed


Air Insulated load Break Switch have stable switching close/open characteristic that maintained both during electrical and manual operation at the time of main circuit section’s switching close/open by leveraging spring operation mechanism.
Air compressed at the inside of unique structure’s cylinder breaks stable load current and enables insulation recovery within 0.5 Cycle by dispensing powerful compressed air with Arc Nozzle through the hole for velocity increase situated at the inside of Insulator with outstanding insulation characteristics.
Remote manual operation device that facilitates installation when connecting to switch :
Connector for manual operation of panel door and Easy of installation to enable installation of remote manual operation device at the front and rear of switch to facilitate installation of main generator or panel wall surface without intervention


Pad mounted load break switch have puffer interrupting and fully dead front switchgear for underground  system up to 25.8kV, 600A, enclosed in stainless steel tank full of SF6 gas insulation media. It incorporates grounding switches in every way to provide added safety and faster working.


Advantage of our products
– It guarantees perfect break capacity by high insulation and excellent fire-fighting capacity of SF6 Gas.
– NO fire danger By using inflammable SF6 Gas so can use indoor and out door
– The use of Puffer fire-fighting is compressed in the cylinder allows excellent opening-closing capacity
– Both the opening-closing surge occurring when using vacuum interrupter and flash over phenomenon by charged electric current of cable do not happen.
– The grounding switch inside allows grounding with a simple operation.

High safety, complete maintenance free
Complete water-proof and rust-proof
Small size and light-weight

Vacuum Eco friendly Load Break Switch


Maintenance free.

High reliability.

Easy installation with compact design.

Safety devices(low pressure interlocking, pressure relief, locking)

SF6 Insulation

Stainless steel enclosure

Easy handling and light weight

Open/close indicator

Maintenance free

Low gas lockout feature

High dielectric strength

Superior endurance to any adverse environment

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