Our Remote Terminal Unit is LBS (Load Break Switch) and ACR (Automatic circuit recloser ) microprocessor controller.

Control cubicle is heat insulated to minimize temperature variation and protected controller from solar heating as adopting sunshine cover to the outside and heat insulation inside of control cubicle. Vents of the control cubicle are screened against vermin’s entry and door is sealed with a gasket.

Our microprocessor controller are fully protected from entry of moisture and condensation able to use any places where tropical, moderate and severe humidity area is located on.All the measured values and event records are stored in the microprocessor control for Sending data to SCADA system or off-line checking maintenance and analysis. All telemetry communication can be supported with DNP3.0, MODBUS, IEC60870-5-101/104 communication protocols

Sensitive sensors provide to incorporate the functions of an over-current protection relay, a ground fault relay, a sensitive earth fault relay and to measure line current, voltage amount, real and reactive power, power factor, demand watts and VARs, frequency and so on.

Recloser mechanical parts are drastically reduced, resulting from high reliability and maintenance free operation during the life time. We use low-voltage power source supplying from low voltage distribution line by Solar Panel or PT and a fully charged battery and trip and close capacitors provide Recloser operation over hundreds of open-close operations as back-up upon loss of control Power. This allows Recloser operation independent of the high voltage supply, the low voltage supply and the battery and capacitor conditions with dead line operation capability required for SCADA and distribution Automation.

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MCCB Molded case Molded Case Circuit Breaker MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker MC Magnetic Contactor ( Made in Korea)

MCCB Molded case Molded Case Circuit Breaker


Advanced Breaking Performance and Various Selectivity

Product Range: 16 A – 800 A in 5 Frame (AF) Sizes
High breaking capacity up to 85 kA with Ics=100% Icu
Thermal Adjustability in entire range
Rated Insulation Voltage, Ui = 1000 V
Rated Operational Voltage, Ue = 690 V
Impulse Withstand Voltage, Uimp = 8 kV
Standardized Height of Products by Frame (AF)
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MC Magnetic Contactor

MC magnetic contactor shinhwa ent korea

SHCLS Series AC Contactors are latest products . The series of products for frequency of 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 690-1000V, rated operational current up to 9A-800A at rated operational voltage up to 380V under the category AC-3.

SHCLS Series AC Contactors are mainly used for making breaking electric circuits at a long distance and frequent starting & stopping and reversing control of AC motors. They products comply with IEC947. VDE0660, Gb14048.

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Miniature Circuit Breaker

■ Fine and unique appearance, advanced design

■ Short-circuit and overload dual-protection performance

■ High-breaking capacity (6kA) that is leading among the world similar products

■ Mechanical life:4000 times

■ Convenient and reliable installation


■ Model: SHE4-63

■ Pole No.: 1P、1P+N、2P、3P、3P+N、4P

■ Rated current(A): 1、2、3、4、6、10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63

■ Rated voltage: AC 230. 230/400, 400

■ Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

■ Tripping curve: B,C,D

■ Rated short-circuit capacity (Icn) :6000A

■ Mechanical life: 20000 times

■ Contact position indication window

■ Degree of protection: IP20

■ Connection terminal: Pillar terminal with clamp

■ Connection conductor: up to and including 16mm

■ Terminal Connection Height:H 1 = 19.5mm,H2=21 5mm

■ installation : DIN-rail mounting

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Surge Protection Device & Lightning Protection Products


In today’s world, where technology and connectivity are an essential part of our lives, power surges and lightning strikes can cause significant damage to electrical and electronic devices. Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) and Lightning Protection Products are designed to protect your equipment from these sudden spikes in voltage and surges.

At Shinhwa, we offer a wide range of high-quality SPDs and Lightning Protection Products to ensure the safety and protection of your devices. Our products include power supply system and IT SPDs, lighting counters, and earthing devices that are suitable for various applications and industries.

Power Supply System and IT SPDs:

Our power supply system and IT SPDs provide comprehensive protection against voltage surges and spikes. These devices are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment, including computers, servers, switches, and routers, from the damaging effects of power surges. Our SPDs are highly effective in preventing damage caused by lightning, power grid fluctuations, and other electrical disturbances.

Lightning Counters:

Our lightning counters are designed to accurately monitor and record the number of lightning strikes in a specific area. These devices can help you keep track of the frequency of lightning strikes in your area, which can be useful in determining the level of risk to your equipment and property.

Earthing Devices:

Our earthing devices are essential components in any lightning protection system. They are designed to provide a safe path for lightning to follow, ensuring that it does not damage your equipment or property. Our earthing devices are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet international safety standards.

At Shinhwa, we understand the importance of protecting your equipment from power surges and lightning strikes. Our Surge Protection Device and Lightning Protection Products are designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need, knowing that your equipment is safe and protected. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you protect your equipment.


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Our metering outfit (combined VT-CT ) are designed to contaminated areas,Indoor or outdoor type, for coastal, rural or urban, industrial, etc.

All our metering outfit complies with ANSI and IEC standard


Normal Ration is from 15A up to 2000A but can change base on customer request


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Auto Section Switch

Automatic Sectionalizing Switch

Unique and Field Proven Puffer and Heavy duty Tulip-Shaped Contacts made of arc resistant Cu-W tip ensures short arc-extinguishing time and more than 100 times load current capacity.
The mechanism designed with very simple and reliable structure that act quick open/close
It operation with low tripping energy and is independent from operator’s handling power or speed.
Built-in control power supply is provided.(from 1 Phase AC13,200V to DC24V)

We can produce both oil immersed and air insulated type

Surge Arrester

Surge arrester can be divided into many types according to its application as :
Distribution type,  Power station type  ,Protecting capacitor type  ,Transformer neutral point type  ,Protecting motor type  ,Electrified railway type  ,Line type  ,etc.
Line type surge arrester can be divided into series spacing type and without spacing type and in series spacing type can be divided into supporting spacing and sure air spacing type


Product Features
It has a series of outstanding features such as good protection performance, high circulating capacity ,less reaction time, smooth steep-wave characteristic
Excellent silicon rubber material is used in composite housing, possessing good anti-tracking and ageing-resistant performance as well as good hydrophobicity ,ion transferring and high pollution proof

Special technique and internal structure are used in composite housing surge arrester, possessing higher technical strength and good explosion-proof performance

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Disconnect Switch


We producing with extra high quality and you can used to isolate the section which has electricity from the section with no electricity. It is done for a full safety method during electrical equipment maintenance or service


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Transformer & Transformer PARTS AND ACESSORIES

In all industries from infrastructure systems to households, transformers play a vital role in securing a reliable power supply. Shinhwaelectric‘s have been supplied transformers to customers all over the world with full customer satisfaction and is building its reputation as a supplier with high quality, professionalism, and superior technology.

We offer various types of power transformers, Our transformers have off-load or on-load tap changers to adapt to various network conditions and satisfy both national and international standards.


Our cast resin transformers are certified by ISO, and international certification authority,


Self-extinguishing characteristics of epoxy significantly reduces the spread and effect of a fire, and the possibility of explosion is nearly non-existent
Easy transportation and installation with simple structure
No toxic substance (oil or gas) discharged
Extended lifetime
Adopts a higher class epoxy resin
Epoxy Resin: As the main insulation material of the mold transformer to control thermal aging and extend the overall lifetime of the transformer by three-folds.
High stability and durability with strict quality management


Oil-immersed transformers have been supplied to various industries including semiconductor, steel work, and petrochemical.

Further, as an outstanding and comprehensive solution provider, we respond to the demanding requirements of our customers by developing both Eco-friendly and high-efficiency transformers.

Shunt reactors improve the effectiveness of the grid by compensating the capacitive reactive power, reducing system-frequency over-voltage during sudden load drop or no load, and improving stability of transmission


Pad Mounted transformer is a transformer that is used to properly solve the difficulty in getting power in an overloaded area of the city and to help the city environment remain beautiful. With an aerial power distribution line installed in an underground distribution system, it is very safe.

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Ring Main Unit

The Ring Main Units(RMU) are designed to use the secondary distribution of 15/24/33 kV class underground line and to enable connection, supply and protection by current limiting fuse combination. It can be use to protection one or two transformers in combination with circuit breaker, RMU has been designed for use as a stand alone device or can be easily integrated into distribution automation and remote control schemes using the inbuilt communications capability.

The in-built user configurable distribution automation functionality can be used with or without a communications system and will reduce outage time and increase profitability in your network. RMU can offer with motorized mechanism ,controller, RTU & remote operation.


– Reliable ON-OFF-Earthed three-position switch and Toggle-spring operation mechanism

– Maintenance free and easy installation

– Bushing standardized for ANSI standard at front panel for cable connection with elbow connector.

– Compact Switchgear Solution for Secondary Distribution

– Compact and light weight design

– Modular design using Spring Charging Mechanism

– Mechanical operating Stability

– All functions necessary for such applications – sensing, control and communications


– Metal enclosed tank is hermetically sealed, this has no influence with environmental effect between inner and outer tank effects such as dirt, small insects, and moisture and so on.

– Load break switch operating is possible in the front of Ring Main Units.

– All switching operations can be made safely to personnel because of interlocking system that operates manually according to the switch position by the operator.

– CB will be tripped when Fault current occurs automatically.


– Metal enclosed unit for indoor installation and type tested.

– Insulated by SF6 Gas

– No Influence with climate.

– ON-OFF-EARTH, three position load break switch.


– Approachable and operable safely in the presence of power in the cables.

– Clear indication of operation status via mimic diagram on front panel.

– Automatic interlocking system between CB & DS.

– Voltage detector to check the presence of voltage in the cable.

– Clear indication of operation status and pressure gauge

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