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Auto Section Switch

Automatic Sectionalizing Switch

Unique and Field Proven Puffer and Heavy duty Tulip-Shaped Contacts made of arc resistant Cu-W tip ensures short arc-extinguishing time and more than 100 times load current capacity.
The mechanism designed with very simple and reliable structure that act quick open/close
It operation with low tripping energy and is independent from operator’s handling power or speed.
Built-in control power supply is provided.(from 1 Phase AC13,200V to DC24V)

We can produce both oil immersed and air insulated type

Ring Main Unit

The Ring Main Units(RMU) are designed to use the secondary distribution of 15/24/33 kV class underground line and to enable connection, supply and protection by current limiting fuse combination. It can be use to protection one or two transformers in combination with circuit breaker, RMU has been designed for use as a stand alone device or can be easily integrated into distribution automation and remote control schemes using the inbuilt communications capability.

The in-built user configurable distribution automation functionality can be used with or without a communications system and will reduce outage time and increase profitability in your network. RMU can offer with motorized mechanism ,controller, RTU & remote operation.


– Reliable ON-OFF-Earthed three-position switch and Toggle-spring operation mechanism

– Maintenance free and easy installation

– Bushing standardized for ANSI standard at front panel for cable connection with elbow connector.

– Compact Switchgear Solution for Secondary Distribution

– Compact and light weight design

– Modular design using Spring Charging Mechanism

– Mechanical operating Stability

– All functions necessary for such applications – sensing, control and communications


– Metal enclosed tank is hermetically sealed, this has no influence with environmental effect between inner and outer tank effects such as dirt, small insects, and moisture and so on.

– Load break switch operating is possible in the front of Ring Main Units.

– All switching operations can be made safely to personnel because of interlocking system that operates manually according to the switch position by the operator.

– CB will be tripped when Fault current occurs automatically.


– Metal enclosed unit for indoor installation and type tested.

– Insulated by SF6 Gas

– No Influence with climate.

– ON-OFF-EARTH, three position load break switch.


– Approachable and operable safely in the presence of power in the cables.

– Clear indication of operation status via mimic diagram on front panel.

– Automatic interlocking system between CB & DS.

– Voltage detector to check the presence of voltage in the cable.

– Clear indication of operation status and pressure gauge

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Load Break Switch

SF6 gas insulated load break switch (LBS) for overhead lines operating at a voltage up to 38kV. It meets the demand for oil-less and maintenance free operation with SF6 gas, related parts and devices installed inside its hermetically sealed stainless steel tank. It can be manually operated or motorized.

Since the electric conduction part in it is completely sealed, and it has excellent insulated electric lines, the switch is easy to function as well as is free from accidents resulting from the contact with salt, air pollution, and strange materials. In case of abnormal rise of interior pressure of the switch, it is equipped with pressure-proof equipment which can prevent the vessel from being destroyed


Air Insulated load Break Switch have stable switching close/open characteristic that maintained both during electrical and manual operation at the time of main circuit section’s switching close/open by leveraging spring operation mechanism.
Air compressed at the inside of unique structure’s cylinder breaks stable load current and enables insulation recovery within 0.5 Cycle by dispensing powerful compressed air with Arc Nozzle through the hole for velocity increase situated at the inside of Insulator with outstanding insulation characteristics.
Remote manual operation device that facilitates installation when connecting to switch :
Connector for manual operation of panel door and Easy of installation to enable installation of remote manual operation device at the front and rear of switch to facilitate installation of main generator or panel wall surface without intervention


Pad mounted load break switch have puffer interrupting and fully dead front switchgear for underground  system up to 25.8kV, 600A, enclosed in stainless steel tank full of SF6 gas insulation media. It incorporates grounding switches in every way to provide added safety and faster working.


Advantage of our products
– It guarantees perfect break capacity by high insulation and excellent fire-fighting capacity of SF6 Gas.
– NO fire danger By using inflammable SF6 Gas so can use indoor and out door
– The use of Puffer fire-fighting is compressed in the cylinder allows excellent opening-closing capacity
– Both the opening-closing surge occurring when using vacuum interrupter and flash over phenomenon by charged electric current of cable do not happen.
– The grounding switch inside allows grounding with a simple operation.

High safety, complete maintenance free
Complete water-proof and rust-proof
Small size and light-weight

Vacuum Eco friendly Load Break Switch


Maintenance free.

High reliability.

Easy installation with compact design.

Safety devices(low pressure interlocking, pressure relief, locking)

SF6 Insulation

Stainless steel enclosure

Easy handling and light weight

Open/close indicator

Maintenance free

Low gas lockout feature

High dielectric strength

Superior endurance to any adverse environment

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for download our controller for LBS please visit below page:

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Automatic Circuit Recloser

Our Recloser is designed for for overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation application for voltage classes of 17/27/38 kV. It supplied with the microprocessor base ACR controller that providing all required functions for power distribution companies as well as individual users.


High Reliability of property
High Quality
Modular design
Easy Installation
Maintenance free
Compact design
Stability for mechanical operation special design
High quality Epoxy for Vacuum type and Special Insulation type SF6 for SF6 type
All required functions include
Smart and intelligent Controller


High reliable SF6 gas insulated automatic circuit Recloser with independent technology in Korea with specially reducing number of parts by using magnetic actuator , using special mechanical design for reducing weight (Light weight )


Eco environmentally friendly Polymer automatic circuit recloser completely oil free and gas free. the mechanism is enclosed in a powder coated stainless steel epoxy resin bushing The Hydrophobic high quality epoxy are permanent flexibility, superior surface arc tracking resistance, hydrophobic preventing continuous track from forming leakage current paths, ultraviolet resistance and high tensile strength.

FRTU Controller

Control cubicle is heat insulated to minimize temperature variation and protected controller from solar heating as adopting sunshine cover to the outside and heat insulation inside of control cubicle. Vents of the control cubicle are screened against vermin’s entry and door is sealed with a gasket.

Our microprocessor controller are fully protected from entry of moisture and condensation able to use any places where tropical, moderate and severe humidity area is located on.All the measured values and event records are stored in the microprocessor control for Sending data to SCADA system or off-line checking maintenance and analysis. All telemetry communication can be supported with DNP3.0, MODBUS, IEC60870-5-101/104 communication protocols

Sensitive sensors provide to incorporate the functions of an over-current protection relay, a ground fault relay, a sensitive earth fault relay and to measure line current, voltage amount, real and reactive power, power factor, demand watts and VARs, frequency and so on.

Recloser mechanical parts are drastically reduced, resulting from high reliability and maintenance free operation during the life time. We use low-voltage power source supplying from low voltage distribution line by Solar Panel or PT and a fully charged battery and trip and close capacitors provide Recloser operation over hundreds of open-close operations as back-up upon loss of control Power. This allows Recloser operation independent of the high voltage supply, the low voltage supply and the battery and capacitor conditions with dead line operation capability required for SCADA and distribution Automation.

We can Supply recloser Up to 41kV , 800A, with Short Circuit withstand up to 26kA , Mechanical Endurance 30,000 times and Vacuum Interrupting.

Applied standards will be IEC 62271- – 111, ANSI C37.60

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