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Our metering outfit (combined VT-CT ) are designed to contaminated areas,Indoor or outdoor type, for coastal, rural or urban, industrial, etc.

All our metering outfit complies with ANSI and IEC standard


Normal Ration is from 15A up to 2000A but can change base on customer request


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Transformer & Transformer PARTS AND ACESSORIES

In all industries from infrastructure systems to households, transformers play a vital role in securing a reliable power supply. Shinhwaelectric‘s have been supplied transformers to customers all over the world with full customer satisfaction and is building its reputation as a supplier with high quality, professionalism, and superior technology.

We offer various types of power transformers, Our transformers have off-load or on-load tap changers to adapt to various network conditions and satisfy both national and international standards.


Our cast resin transformers are certified by ISO, and international certification authority,


Self-extinguishing characteristics of epoxy significantly reduces the spread and effect of a fire, and the possibility of explosion is nearly non-existent
Easy transportation and installation with simple structure
No toxic substance (oil or gas) discharged
Extended lifetime
Adopts a higher class epoxy resin
Epoxy Resin: As the main insulation material of the mold transformer to control thermal aging and extend the overall lifetime of the transformer by three-folds.
High stability and durability with strict quality management


Oil-immersed transformers have been supplied to various industries including semiconductor, steel work, and petrochemical.

Further, as an outstanding and comprehensive solution provider, we respond to the demanding requirements of our customers by developing both Eco-friendly and high-efficiency transformers.

Shunt reactors improve the effectiveness of the grid by compensating the capacitive reactive power, reducing system-frequency over-voltage during sudden load drop or no load, and improving stability of transmission


Pad Mounted transformer is a transformer that is used to properly solve the difficulty in getting power in an overloaded area of the city and to help the city environment remain beautiful. With an aerial power distribution line installed in an underground distribution system, it is very safe.

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